Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend, January 13-16, 2012

LOCATION:    The Bishop Claggett Center of the Episcopal Church, Powell Hall Dormitory,             3035 Buckeystown Pike, Buckeystown, MD 21717   301-874-5147
ABOUT THE CLAGGETT CENTER:   Powell Hall is a dormitory for Episcopal church camps and meetings. It is not a hotel, and there is no maid or room service. Please follow all church and Scouting rules, including Leave No Trace practices. There is a canteen area where you may store your own snacks in marked containers. No eating is permitted in the sleeping areas. Meals are served in a separate dining hall. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the dormitory building during youth events. During youth events, adults and youths, and males and females, will sleep in separate quarters as required under youth protection rules of Scouting and the church. Females: Third floor. Males: Second floor. Each floor has its own bathrooms: Each person is responsible for leaving the showers and bathrooms clean after each use, as we all must share these spaces. Our group will be greeted by the Claggett Center’s full-time caretaker, Mr. Stuart, who will reside in Powell Hall with us during our event. There will be two additional groups sharing the grounds and the dining hall.
Claggett Center quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am.
From Baltimore: Take I-70 West to Frederick. Exit from I-70 at MD-85/ Buckeystown Pike and follow the signs for Buckeystown. You will be driving on Buckeystown Pike for at least 15 to 20 minutes as it crosses through suburban shopping centers, then an industrial section, then a small Victorian-era village and then farmland. When you pass the turnoff for MD-80 you will be just a few yards from the entrance to Bishop Claggett Center. The driveway is on your left, and there is a large white sign marking the entrance, in front of a large white house. Follow the driveway all the way up the hill and as it bends to the right. You will come upon a group of old houses and you will see the brick dormitory building. Park in    the lot. Emergency phone number if you need to reach us: 443-845-6130 for Mrs. Thompson
ARRIVAL:       Friday, January 13, 5pm to 7pm --   Our Assembly and Program begins promptly at 7pm
NOTE:    Dinner will not be served on Friday due to our arrival time. Plan to eat before you arrive. You will see many fast-food eateries on Buckeystown Pike, MD-85. 
PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME:    Beginning with Friday’s assembly, all planned activities for the weekend are tied to requirements for earning badges and for Webelo/Tenderfoot advancement. Scouts will earn the American Cultures and American Heritage badges.
You will be sleeping on a bed and mattress. Blankets will be provided. Bring a sleeping bag, toiletries and soap, towels, uniform, change of clothes, socks and underwear for 2 nights. Bring parental permission forms. Make your Scout leader aware of any prescribed medications that you must carry.
We will be going on a hike lasting about 2 hours on Saturday. Wear sturdy shoes appropriate for hillside trail walking. Wear appropriate sweaters and coat and outerwear – gloves, hats, etc., for this event.
Units may bring snacks to eat and share during our movie. Snacks are not allowed in the bedrooms. Weather permitting, we will have a campfire on Saturday night. Designated fire-tenders will report to Camp Master Claude Larkins.
Scouts: For one of the badge requirements, you want to ask your parents or guardians to tell you something about your family history. Who were your earliest known ancestors? Where did they live? Were they originally Americans or did they come from another place? When did they come here? Bring this knowledge with you.
Electronic items, MP3 players, computers.
If you bring a cell phone it must be turned OFF during classes. 
Internet reception is very poor in this rural location, especially at night.